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Food Allergies

Food allergies appear in two different ways: fixed reactions or cyclical reactions. Fixed food allergies are the type of reactions that occur when a person eats or even breathes the fumes of a small amount of a particular food. These reactions are strong and potentially dangerous. Fixed food allergy reactions are a lifelong pattern and are unlikely to disappear. People with fixed food reactions should always avoid the allergen, without exception.
Cyclical food allergies follow a much different pattern than fixed allergies. These allergies seem to come and go, and can range from being weak to more severe, but are seldom dangerous. The reaction may not be noticed at all or may take many hours after you eat the food. The presence of cyclical food allergies depends on how much and how often you eat a particular food. With constant exposure, acute symptoms may temporarily disappear or become chronic as your body tries to adapt to the exposure.

Testing for Food Allergies

The Ohio Head and Neck Allergy Lab is equipped to test 94 different possible food allergens. Our Canton Allergy Lab has been in operation since 1974. Our doctors and nurses have extensive expertise in treating allergies and have helped countless numbers of patients with their allergy problems. Please do not hesitate to call and inquire further if you have a need for any of our services.

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