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Nasal Allergies

Allergens that can cause nasal or contactant allergies include house dust, molds, animals, trees, grasses and weeds (including ragweeds).

Nasal allergies, or allergic rhinitis, are incredibly common, especially for those living in Ohio. If your allergies only occur at certain times of the year (spring or fall), you have seasonal nasal allergies. In contrast, if your allergies seem to be with you all year, they are perennial nasal allergies. In either case, your doctor can help develop a plan to keep your allergies under control.

Common nasal allergy symptoms include sneezing; itchy nose, eyes, ears, and throat; clear, runny nasal discharge; stuffed-up nose; and red, watery eyes. Although less known, other symptoms include sore throats, coughing, tiredness, stomachaches, headaches and tenderness in your cheeks and forehead. Nasal allergies can be quite draining on your energy, and can cause loss of concentration and sleep.

Testing for Nasal Allergies

Our Canton Allergy Lab has been in operation since 1974. Our doctors and nurses have extensive expertise in treating allergy and have helped countless numbers of patients with their allergy problems. Please do not hesitate to call and inquire further if you have a need for any of our services.


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