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Otoplasty (Lop Ear Correction)

Commonly referred to as “ear pinning,” otoplasty is a type of cosmetic ear surgery. Many people with protruding or misshapen ears are self-conscious about the problem. Otoplasty can be a great solution.

Otoplasty can be used to correct “lop ear,” which is a deformity where the ears fold over the top and tilt forward. This deformity does not affect hearing. Some patients wish to get this corrected to improve appearance and self-esteem. This procedure can be used to reshape the ear cartilage and address any other aesthetic problems that may accompany lop ear deformity.

Following the surgery, patients may need to wear a headband for several weeks to help protect the ears as they heal. Most of the time, patients can resume normal activities one to two weeks after surgery.

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