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Chronic Ear Surgery

Surgery may be a good solution for patients who suffer from chronic infections or other chronic ear problems. Chronic infections typically form in a hole in the eardrum. This can make the ear wet, causing recurrent or chronic ear drainage, pain, hearing loss, irritation, and other complications.

Chronic ear infections that persist for three months or more — or that become worse and impact your quality of life — may require surgery.

Surgical Options

There are many surgeries that can be performed to treat chronic ear infections.


During this procedure, the eardrum is repaired using a tissue graft to improve hearing and prevent future infections. Hearing improvement is noticeable within six to eight weeks after the surgery.

Bilateral myringotomy and tubes

A bilateral myringotomy and tubes involves inserting a small tube through the eardrum or inserting small tubes to allow fluid to drain. This procedure is considered outpatient, and a small opening is created so the tubes can be placed. The tubes typically fall out within 6-12 months.


Tymphanoplasty repairs or replaces an injured eardrum. If the membrane of the eardrum is punctured or torn, surgeons can reconstruct the eardrum to restore hearing. The surgeon places a graft, which is made with healthy tissue from your body, on the eardrum to repair the injury.

Canal wall down mastoidectomy

This surgery is recommended for patients with cholesteatomas or infections that have severely damaged the ear canal. This is usually performed in conjunction with a tympanoplasty. The area is typically filled with bone grafts and cartilage.


This procedure involves removing cartilage to enlarge the opening of the ear canal for easier access to the space that needs to be cleaned.

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