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Evaluation of the Esophagus

If you’re experiencing esophageal issues, it may be time to test whether your esophagus is working properly. Your doctor might recommend an esophageal manometry if you’re experiencing symptoms related to an esophageal disorder.

This test is commonly given to people who have:
· Difficulty swallowing
· Pain while swallowing
· Heartburn and/or regurgitation
· Chest pain

When you swallow, your esophagus contracts and pushes food into your stomach. An esophageal manometry will measure the contractions and the force and coordination of esophageal muscles as they move the food into your stomach. During this test, a thin, flexible tube that contains pressure sensors will be passed through your nose, down your esophagus, and into your stomach. An esophageal manometry can be helpful in diagnosing certain disorders that affect the esophagus. Further treatment can be discussed after receiving the results of the evaluation.

During the test, you may experience some discomfort such as gagging as the tube passes into your throat, watery eyes, and discomfort in your nose and throat. After the test, you may experience mild side effects that usually resolve within hours including sore throat, stuffy nose, or a minor nosebleed.

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